Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry have been the main sector of INACON participation in the development since the early establishment. The types of services in this field such as land and soil survey, socio-economic survey, land capability, and suitability analysis, development of cultivation techniques, land clearing, soil, and fertilizer, nursery, harvesting, replanting, feasibility study, participatory planning, technical planning, technical assistance, training, extension, monitoring, and evaluation.

INACON has involved in agriculture development programs such as Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project (IAIP) in Cambodia; Construction Supervision for Larisula Irrigation Scheme Construction Project and Detailed Engineering Design for 10 Irrigation Schemes and Preliminary Study for 15 Rivers in Timor Leste; Loan Implementation Consultant (LIC) – Department of Irrigation (DOI) – Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Watershed Management Sector Project in Lao PDR; Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP); Technical Assistance and Training for Preparation of Technical Social-Economic and Institution (PSETK), Integrated Participatory and Management of Irrigation Program (IPDMIP); Food Crops Development Project; Land Use Data Management Project, Decentralized Agriculture and Extension Project, and Farmer Empowerment Through Agriculture Technology Information; Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Southeast Asia countries.

In the fishery sector INACON has involved in Project Management Consulting for Project Management Office Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program -Coral Triangle Initiative (COREMAP-CTI); Coastal Farming/Non-Fisheries Culture. Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project Phase II (COREMAP II); Small Scale Natural Resources Management (SSNRM), Marine and Coastal Resources Management Project (MCRMP); Supply Coastal Zone Thematic Spatial Data Sets for the Province of West Kalimantan - Marine and Coastal Resources Management Project; Master Planning for Ecosystem Rehabilitation.

While in the forestry sector, INACON has undertaken many assignments in big forestry companies both public and private, such as INHUTANI I, INHUTANI II, and Sinar Mas Group. Also, there were similar programs for palm oil and rubber plantations, development of the long-term plan (RKPH), annual plan (RKT), and working permits. INACON has good expertise and services in palm oil plantations. Not only inland preparation, cultivation, replanting, care, and maintenance of oil palms, but also in management and financial aspects.

In this field, INACON had been involved in the survey and planning such as identification of proposed farmers and land (CPCL), annual plan, training and extension, development of the remote-sensing-based early warning system, farmer-managed demonstration, farmers research trials, field school, and media campaign, social and environmental safeguard, nature conservation, and others. Specific services also provided for natural resources conservation such as biodiversity survey and mapping, erosion control mapping and calculation, resources based management (RBM) plan, pay for environmental services (PES).

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